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During the elvator traveling operation, the cause of the outside world heat raids or passenger spontaneous heat, etc, the temperature inside the brewery, the reality is reached "steam" state. YUAO Production elevator air conditioner.
Elevator during the operation, due to external heat radiation or passengers such as natural cooling, the car will rise in temperature, or even to "steamer" state. In order to improve the comfort of the elevator ride, Shanghai YUAO Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. production of elevator air conditioning, the use of advanced water treatment, highly automated intelligent control system and air conditioning heat exchanger dust automatic removal technology. "ECSKOOL" brand elevator air conditioning not only has refrigeration, ventilation, dust, dehumidification and other functions, but also heating, environment-friendly refrigerant, sterilization and other optional features, and easy installation and maintenance, can fully meet the different needs of users. Hotel and hotel, high-grade office through the installation of elevator air conditioning, can effectively eliminate the central air-conditioning blind area, improve its building grade. Truly in the summer in the cooling, heating in winter, spring and autumn air, to meet people for comfort, fast, long life and many other aspects of the elevator air conditioning requirements, is a trend in line with the development of the product.
1.No dripping water
Condensed water non-electric heating gasification; anti-overflow multiple protection, to ensure that no dripping; efficient environmental protection air supply hose, the outer surface does not condensation; chassis made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance.
2. Low noise
International brand-name compressor, the use of dual silencer design; fan blades do not water design, greatly reducing the noise; vibration parts using damping material shock absorption.
3. Energy efficient
The use of high efficiency compressor, the new environmentally friendly refrigerant; advanced heat exchanger manufacturing technology; increase the air volume design, refrigerant dual cooling mode; the system to optimize the design to meet the national energy efficiency standards; air conditioning heat exchanger dust automatic removal technology, Long - term energy - saving.
4. Health and environmental protection
High-quality anti-mildew filter, clear dust; high-quality cold catalyst, remove harmful gases; negative oxygen ion sterilization, clean inside the air, completely kill a variety of bacteria (optional function); UV strong sterilization system, Bacteria (optional function)
5. easy to use
The day of the switch machine time by the microcomputer programmable controller control, the whole summer or winter only need a boot, a shutdown; operating mode intelligent control, automatic switching, highly automated; can be remote control operation in the car, with power memory function.
Technical Data
Rated Cool Capacity(W) 1500 2500 3200
Rated Heat Capacity(W) 2200 2200 2200
Air Flow(High/Low,M3/h) 235/155 430/360 560/450
Rated CooL Input Current(A) 2.3 4.7 5.8
Rated Heat Input Current(A) 5.0 10.0 10.3
Rated CooL Input Power(W) 520 1000 1210
Rated Heat Input Power(W) 1100 2200 2255
Voltage/Frequency 220V-230V~50Hz 220V-230V~50Hz 220V-230V~60Hz
Refrigerant R22 R22 R22
Noise dB(A) 51 56 55
Compressor Protection Overheat Protection: Over Current Proection;Delayed Startup Protection
Control Mode Program Control(Automatically)+Infrared Remote Control(Manually)
Dimensions(L*W*H)mm 455*390*365 545*460*352 640*570*510
Weight(Kg) 30 37 59.5
For Elevator Load Capacity(kg) 320~800 1350 1350
Air Out,Air Return From Front, To Front From Front, To Front From Front,To Front