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Item No.: MYA-680WG
air conditioner are widely applied
Telecommunications, Network ,Electrical Controler Cabinets CNC Machines, Machine Tools, Laser Cutting Machines Equipment, geophysical exploration and drilling equipment,LCD Equipment etc.
air conditionerair cooler,telcom  air conditioner,

Cabinet  air conditioner VS  traditional commercial and household air conditioning.

1.With extremely high SEER, moisture condensation active control and other cut-edge technologies,
2. it protects power and electronic equipment by providing precise temperature and humidity control.
3.Since the product design and installation are originated from industrial  air conditioners, 24hours working 365days all year,No manual operation, the remote control. can be widely deployed in telecommunication outdoor base stations, power state outdoor cabinet, outdoor LED screen, where require the temperature level below than 35 degree situation.
5. provides the DC and AC power input type products according different power input. Air condition with DC power input type use BLDC motor and PWM driven technology, the product COP will >=4.0. At seasonal conditions, the COP value will be higher by 15% than heat exchangers, by 25% than aircon-HEX combine units and by 60% than normal air conditioners.

Energy Conservation and Environment Protection

Using Japanese Hitachi compressor
Using environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigerant R134a
Energy efficiency ratio (EER)
Small enthalpy difference
High sensible heat ratio design
Add protective shield

Intelligent Control

Temperature sensor calibration
Automatic starts when power on
Highest and lowest temperature thresholds setting and alarm detection
Fault alarm signal will be sent when the system's key components fault,
such as cooling unit, fan, compressor etc.
System will send alarm when temperature sensors fault and adjust air conditioner mode
according to the temperature inside and outside the cabin
Application Area
Cabinet air conditioner can be widely used in enclosed area for climate control,such as
telecom cabinet,battery cabinet,industry control cabinet etc.

1) Remote measuring,remote communication,remote control,which can realize multiple automatic protection and comprehensive self-testing function;
2) Strict process control and international brand parts deployed to ensure high quality  and reliable of this product;
3 Unique energy-saving & control technology;
4.) Fit for T3 high temperature working condition by using of R134a refrigerant gas;
5.)Multiple seIf-protection design & visible monitoring interface,RS422 I RS485
communication port
6.) LED display,all the settings can be changed at the field;
10 The heating function is optional;
11 Dry contact alarm output,NO/NC optional;
12 Anti-theft design,without the protection cover
LCD cabinet air conditioner(  type) base air outlet
Model NO MYA-680WG   MYA-1200WG   MYA-1500WG   MYA-2000WG   MYA-2500WG   MYA-3000WG
cooling capacity W 680 1200 1500 2000 2500 3000
Btu/h 2320 4095 5120 6825 8532 10238
power 220-240V/1PH/50Hz
power 290 650 750 850 1030 1360
Grade of Protection inside IP34
outside IP34
Refrigergerant R134a/R22
Outside temp -15°C-52°C
Inside temp 25°C-35°C
temperature controller set point °C temp range25°C-40 °C factory settings :35°C
Noise lever (dB) 60
dimension  L(MM) 670 800 800 900 900 1000
W(MM) 180 300 300 400 400 400
H(MM) 495 550 550 550 550 550
PRICE  220v/1ph/50Hz MOQ100SET US$693/SET  US$930.00 US$1,096.00 US$1,461.00 US$1,826.00 US$2,000.00
PRICE 110v/1ph/60Hz MOQ101SET US$743/SET  US$980.00 US$1,146.00 US$1,511.00 US$1,876.00 US$2,050.00