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chiller 2℃
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chiller 2℃

Item No.: MYA-120FD 2℃ water outlet. 360kW
air cooled low temperature chillers supply ndustrial key links -5 ℃, -10 ℃ and other low-temperature refrigerant (ethylene glycol or brine water) medium, to provide continuous chilled water.
chiller 2℃
This series of air-cooled industrial chillers mainly for the industrial production process to provide key links -5 ℃, -10 ℃ and other low-temperature refrigerant (ethylene glycol or salt water) medium, to continuously improve production efficiency to provide continuous chilled water, Widely used in medicine, food, injection molding, automotive, electronics, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, steel and other fields
1.This kind of air cooled chillers can precisely control the temperature requested by the modernized machinery production, and it greatly improved the production efficiency and quality.
2.YUAO  maufacture  air cooled industrial chiller doesn't require cooling tower, which is easy to install and remove and it is the best choice for the modernized industry, which features easy operation, reasonable design, high quality and various models: Air Cooled Environment Chiller, Air Cooled Low Temperature Chiller, Air Cooled Screw Chiller.
Model NO MYA-120FD
FOB SHANGHAI PRICE (the price with one pump ) US$53,000
Cooling capacity (7 water outlet.) Kcal/h 309000
kW 360
Ton 102.86
Btu/h 1228669
Cooling capacity (2 water outlet.) Kcal/h 240756
kW 280
Ton 80.00
Btu/h 955631
Power supply 440V/3Ph/50Hz
Compressor type scroll
kW 17.7*6
Qty 6
brand copeland
Flow control Expansion valve
Refrigerant R407c
Condenser Fin type
Evaporator type SHELL TUBE
safty system Water flow switch failure ;over High pressure protection
over low voltage protection;fan overloading  protection
compressor over loading protection
compressor inside protection ;Owe anti-phase protection
oil level protection ;too low cooling water outlet protection
air out too low protection
Temperature sensor circuit, short circuit fault protection
Water volume M3/h 52
Pipe diameter DN 100
Pump HP 7.5
Dimension L(mm) 7500
W(mm) 1800
H(mm) 2000
1.The above cooling capacity is based on the ambient temp 35,water inlet &outlet 7/2.
2,The  machine within 1 standard  stainless steel  pump the price inculding  .
3.Extra  pump  price  US$5500/SET  the pump is stainless steel 304# .