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CO2 (R744) heat pump
  • CO2 (R744) heat pump

CO2 (R744) heat pump

Item No.: YACO2H55C45
CO2 (R744) heat pump
CO2 R744 refrigerant  heat pumpcan be make water outlet temp reach as 95℃  to 120℃ as water  vapor when ambient temp -20℃ , -25℃  , COP5.0  heat pump teachnical  in HVAC range.
INQUIRY CO2 R744 refrigerant  heat pump water heater , can be make water outlet temp reach as 95℃  and 120℃ as water  vapor

2.CO2 R744 refrigerant  heat pump supperiority  is low temperature hot water or use for floor heating  better than bipolar compressor compression when ambient -20℃ and . -25℃ compression, and  also the Increase enthalpy technology at low temperature can,t comparethan  co2 R744 high  pressure refrigerant  effient heat pump . much save energy cop reach 5.0,, traditional heat pump -7℃ is do defrost ,  very low effect do hot water when -15℃ heat loss about 70% . CO2 heat pump can be hot water well when  ambient temp -20℃ , -25℃.

4.We have air source 4.5kw heating capacity hot water and also for floor heating  household are indpendent system . the end are different , and air source have 60kw ,125 kw and different capacity .  heating capacity for industrial  and commercial  use  ,  water source system can be heating water at same time cooling water , the cooling water is free .

4. .CO2 R744 refrigerant  heat pump  is new technical in all of the world , if you are Interest  to get the new teachincal of refrigerant HVAC , we ,d like to share the new market cake with all .

CO2 HEAT PUMP VS  traditional  heating system
water source  CO2 heat pump teachnical data
model NO YACO2H55C45         
Named heating capacity kW                                      57
Named cooling capacity kW                                    45
Max running current A                                      39.2
Running input power kW                                    12
The compressor rated speed r/min                              1450
Power supply                             380~420V Y/YY-3-50Hz/60Hz
Cooling and heating heat exchanger
Cooling water inlet /outlet water pipe size   mm        50
Hot water inlet /outlet water pipe size   mm            32
Cooling water flow                                                      T/h 7.5
Hot water flow                                                      T/h 0.7
Gas cooler water side pressure drop  kPa 50
Overall dimensions AL                mm    2026
BW                mm    1000
CH                mm  1800
Noise value dB(A)                                75
The largest operating power kW                                      15
Weigth Kg                                    1100
Running weight Kg                                    1250
1) hot water outlet  75℃;
2) cooling water outlet temperature  7,temperature different  5℃;
3) Noise measurement location is directly in front of machine  1 m, 1.5 m high;
4)cooling and hoting water connect are fast connect Clamp connection
5) Unit conversion1KW=860kcal/h1RTUSA TON=3.517KW
6) Specification parameters such as for product improvement to change without prior
notice, please refer to our unit mark.