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CO2 (R744) heat pump
  • CO2 (R744) heat pump

CO2 (R744) heat pump

Item No.: YACO2W-16Ⅱ/C
CO2 (R744) heat pump
CO2 R744 refrigerant  heat pumpcan be make water outlet temp reach as 95℃  to 120℃ as water  vapor when ambient temp -20℃ , -25℃  , COP5.0  heat pump teachnical  in HVAC range.
INQUIRY CO2 R744 refrigerant  heat pump water heater , can be make water outlet temp reach as 95℃  and 120℃ as water  vapor

2.CO2 R744 refrigerant  heat pump supperiority  is low temperature hot water or use for floor heating  better than bipolar compressor compression when ambient -20℃ and . -25℃ compression, and  also the Increase enthalpy technology at low temperature can,t comparethan  co2 R744 high  pressure refrigerant  effient heat pump . much save energy cop reach 5.0,, traditional heat pump -7℃ is do defrost ,  very low effect do hot water when -15℃ heat loss about 70% . CO2 heat pump can be hot water well when  ambient temp -20℃ , -25℃.

4.We have air source 4.5kw heating capacity hot water and also for floor heating  household are indpendent system . the end are different , and air source have 60kw ,125 kw and different capacity .  heating capacity for industrial  and commercial  use  ,  water source system can be heating water at same time cooling water , the cooling water is free .

4. .CO2 R744 refrigerant  heat pump  is new technical in all of the world , if you are Interest  to get the new teachincal of refrigerant HVAC , we ,d like to share the new market cake with all .

CO2 HEAT PUMP VS  traditional  heating system
Model NO YACO2W-28/C YACO2W-16/C
UNIT PRICE  FOB SHANGHAI US$24,826.00 US$20,300.00
Eletric supply 380V/3ph/50Hz
heating type directly heating
standard work condition heating capacityKw 27.5 16
input powerKw 6.1 3.6
COP 4.5 4.45
hot water flowm3/h 0.58 0.34
high temp  work condition heating capacityKw 22.5 13
input powerKw 7.12 4.16
COP 3.16 3.13
hot water flowm3/h 0.25 0.14
parts spec connection  Pipe size DN15~DN32  
water heat exchanger plate heat exchanger
compressor  type Semi-closed reciprocating
controller pannel Color touch screen
max water output(℃) 90
refrigerant R744CO2
design pressureMPa high pressure  side 15 MPalow pressure  side 8MPa
Overall dimensionsL*W*H mm 820x720x1100 820x720x1100
noise leveldB 56 56
weightKg 450 300
hot water side range water inlet(℃) 10 ~ 30
water inlet pressureMPa 0.05 ~ 0.4
water outlet(℃) 55 ~ 90
max water flowm3/h 3.5m3/h
mark standard work condition water source side  water inlet temp:15 hote water side water inelt temp 15  water outlet temp55
high temp water outlet work condition water source side  water inlet temp:15 hote water side water inelt temp 15  water outlet temp90
Specification parameters such as for product improvement to change without prior notice, please refer to our unit mark.