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Item No.: PW--12X 12000BTU
PTAC stands for Package Terminal Air Conditioner. They're used a lot in the hospitality industry - you've probably stayed in a hotel that had them. A PTAC is a self-contained air conditioning unit that is installed through an outside wall rather than thro
PTAC  Package Terminal Air Conditioner.

A few "green" reasons to consider ptac air conditioners

In some cases, PTAC air conditioning units can be more energy efficient (and hence more "green") than traditional window unit air conditioners or central units. Here are 10 eco-friendly reasons you should consider a PTAC unit.
  • Many models have electronic temperature limits. You can set separate heating and cooling ranges to prevent the cost of extreme use.
  • If you're in the hospitality industry, you can order desk ready controls that allow you to turn units on when guests arrive, and then turn them off after they leave.
  • You can get PTAC units with energy efficiency ratios (EERs) . This will help you save on electricity.
  • Custom controls can be added for institutional uses (offices, schools, etc.) such as start / stop control that provides heating or A/C from a specified time in the morning to a specified time in the evening. This kind of control is connected to a central energy management system.
  • Morning warm-up control can be used in offices and schools to pre-warm rooms before peak demand electricity rates kick in. Pre-warming offices or classrooms ensures that when workers and / or students arrive, they aren't turning their units on at the same time during peak demand periods.
  • A "day reset" button can be used in conjunction with systems that are set to run during set hours, say 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. If anyone is around after the units shut off for the day, they can press a "day reset" button on their unit to continue having heat or A/C. This feature can also be programmed for weekend use.
  • Heating element lock-out is the cold weather counterpart to compressor lock-out. For example, on a cool (but not cold) winter day, heating elements on the south side of a building could have the elements locked out for a certain period of time while the heating elements on the north side of a building would continue to have operational heating elements due to their colder conditions.
  • Using a remote temperature sensor with a PTAC air conditioner allows temperature sensing on an internal wall for better temperature control than an on-unit sensor.
  • Cleanable, reusable filters keep dirt and lint off the coil. They can be easily removed, cleaned, and reinserted, making it easy for users to maximize the energy efficiency of their PTAC unit.
Specifications Model PW-09X PW--12X
Unit type   Through wall type
Unit Performance Power supply   220V/1PH/50Hz
Cooling Cooling Capacity Watt 2500 3200
Rating power Watt 773 1000
Rating current A 3.51 4.54
Heating Heating capacity Watt 2750 3520
Rating power Watt 808 1048
Rating current A 3.67 4.76
Air Volume m3/h 450 520
EER W/W 3.23 3.2
Compressor Type   Rotary Compressor
Brand Name   Sanyo / Thoshiba (GMCC)
Refrigerant Type   R410A R410A
Volume Control   Capillary
Fan Type   Centrifugal fan
Drive Method   Direct drive
Fan speed   3 + Auto 3 + Auto
Dehumidification Capacity L/H 0.8 1.1
Noise level Indoor db 30-40 30-42
Wall hole size Air inlet (L*H) mm 580* 220 580* 220
Air outlet (L*H) mm 580*70 580*70
Dimensions Unit (L*W*H) mm 930*265*600 930*265*600
Packing (L*W*H) mm 1008*318*660 1008*318*660
Weight N.W kg 39 41
G.W kg 42.5 45
Loading Quantities 20'/40' GP/40' HQ Units 120/252/336 120/252/336
FOB SHANGHAI 1 sample US$860$/SET US$860$/SET
MOQ200SET US$615$/SET US$650$/SET
MOQ500SET US$607$/SET US$640$/SET
MOQ1000SET US$602$/SET US$635$/SET
MOQ2000SET US$597$/SET US$630$/SET
Specifications of air cooled conditioner
l one compact unit, no outdoor unit, easy to installation, save installation & maintainence cost
l High efficiency, EER more than 3.2, energy saving, save running cost
l Friendly intelligent control panel, easy to use
l No location limited, house hold, office,commercial, high building, glass building…and so on
  • 1* sample price  need research  and lab test , the cost need USSET  delivery time within 45days .
    Remark: The above design and specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
    Rating Conditions
    Indoor Temperature 27oC DB/19oC WB
    Outdoor Temperature 35oC DB/24oC WB
    eating  ,20oC DB/15oC WB,7oC DB/6oC WB